Val D'orcia is a wonderful valley UNESCO Site with a beautiful landscape. The most famous component of its amazing views are the lonely cypress trees in the middle of the country lanes, but also the villages, or the small groves, like the one in San Quirico D'orcia, are every time of the year photographed by millions of people.

Pienza is one of the most lovely top hill towns in this valley, from its terraces is possible to admire the incredible views of surrounding countryside. This town was founded by the Pope Pius II, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, replacing the small Corsignano village, birthplace of the pope. Pienza was built by the famous architect Bernardo Il Rossellino which, under the supervision of Leon Battista Alberti, projected the "ideal city" of the Renaissance. The cathedral, the papal residence, the Square and the town hall are in a perfect harmony and balance following the rules of the Renaissance art. This town is also well known for its aged sheep cheese, Pecorino, and in the small shops of the central streets is possible to taste various kinds of this famous cheese.

Another worth place to visit in Val d’Orcia is Bagno Vignoni, a village nearby San Quirico D'orcia. Here hot spring waters are collected in the big amusing pool of "Piazza delle Sorgenti". This water are known for its properties since Romans and Etruscans times and more recently were frequented by important people as Caterina da Siena, Papa Piccolomini and Lorenzo de' Medici.