“Crete Senesi” is a fascinating and unusual area that lies just south of Siena. This region is one of the most well-known symbol of the city and a very distinctive place in Tuscany, famous for dry clay hills, and sparse lunar-like landscape. The countryside profile changes colour and shape every season, turning from the grey-brown of the waste autumnal clay, to the bright green of the spring land and finally to the summer gold of the burned wheat fields. These changes make the area fascinating and beautiful to discover throughout the year. The shape of the fields and the rows of cypress trees often lead to solitary farmhouses, villas or nice small villages: Asciano, Buonconvento, Monteroni d'Arbia, are some of the nicest towns.

“Crete Senesi” is also the region of “Grancie”, ancient fortified granary built to conserve the products of this big land and mainly owned by the Sienese Hospital of the “Santa Maria della Scala”.

This area is also famous for the white truffles which are easy to find in the forest around San Giovanni D'asso: this truffles are ones of the most prized and expensive in all Italy.